Delivery Policy

Valusso Design LLC uses both its own courier service and third-party logistics companies in the delivery process. We choose our carrier partners for their reliable reputation and impeccable customer service. We have shortened the list of carriers to include only companies with whom we have had successful experience of cooperation in the past. This is to ensure that our products are delivered in the best condition possible, as well as to provide our customers with competitive pricing.

Valusso Design LLC only authorizes shipment from its warehouse for fully paid orders.

General delivery terms and conditions

Delivery Costs:

Delivery costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis and depend on the following: selected delivery type, method of packaging, recipient's address, number and size of doors, etc.

Delivery Time:

The delivery time period covers the time from the moment the order leaves the warehouse and arrives at the customer's chosen location. Delivery time varies depending on the final destination, on average:

  • 3-6 business days for the East Coast
  • 6-9 business days for the West Coast

Delivery Geography:

Valusso Design LLC ships its products to any address in the continental United States and Canada. We are currently unable to ship to military APO/FPO addresses or P.O. Boxes. For shipping orders outside of the continental US, please contact a Valusso Design LLC representative.

If you made a mistake in your shipping address, you should contact us within 24 hours of placing your order. Please provide a valid physical address during the checkout process.

If products were shipped to an incorrect address, only the buyer shall be responsible for any additional redirection and handling charges.

If the buyer refuses to accept the product or if the product is delivered to an incorrect address, the buyer agrees to pay Valusso Design LLC the cost of returning the product to the warehouse as well as the cost of reshipping.

Delivery Days:

Valusso Design LLC processes and ships orders Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

A Valusso Design LLC sales representative will contact you prior to shipment to schedule a convenient delivery date.

Delivery Status Information:

Valusso Design LLC provides you with all pertinent shipping information, including complete carrier information, contact numbers, tracking numbers and processing times. Once your shipment leaves our warehouse, you will be provided with a tracking number along with instructions that will allow you to track your shipment.

Delivery options

  • Pickup (EX works):

The customer may pick up the order themselves at the Valusso Design LLC warehouse. You will need to coordinate with a Valusso Design LLC employee at (754) 900-5169 date and time of pickup. All orders must be picked up within 7 days of notification of availability. Failure to do so will result in a $50 per day storage fee.

Pickup is available from the warehouse located at 3351 SW 13th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315.

The cost for pickup is free of charge.

Valusso Design LLC employees don’t provide assistance in loading goods onto your vehicle

  • Own Delivery:

Valusso Design LLC delivers within 30 miles of the warehouse located at 3351 SW 13th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315.

Valusso Design LLC independently determines the facilities to which it may or may not deliver. Valusso Design LLC has the right to refuse delivery by its own means. In such case the customer either picks up the goods himself/herself on the terms of pickup, and the money for delivery will be returned to him/her, or a third-party carrier will be hired with the consent of the customer, and the customer will pay the difference between the actual cost of delivery and the fee paid by him/her.

The delivery fee is $199.

Delivery includes only delivery to the address and unloading. Indoor pickup is a separate service that is charged separately and costs $30 per 1 door. For indoor delivery, goods will be delivered to the first floor / garage.

The delivery date and time slot will be coordinated by a Valusso Design LLC sales representative. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their representative is available at the time of delivery or to accept the goods in person. When accepting the goods, the Customer or his representative is obliged to check the goods for quantity and quality, and sign the documents. Claims after signing the documents are not accepted.

If at the time of delivery, provided that the date has been agreed with the customer, neither the customer nor his/her representative is present at the delivery address, the Valusso Design LLC employee shall leave the products at the customer's door. The left products must be photographed and no further claims for quantity or quality will be accepted.

In case the customer can’t accept, unload, and provide access to the unloading area or doesn’t accept the order for any other reason, Valusso Design LLC reserves the right to return the goods to the warehouse. In this case Valusso Design LLC doesn’t return the cost of delivery to the customer. The customer is additionally imposed a fine of $300. After payment of the fine, the customer can either pick up the goods himself/herself from the warehouse, or pay for a second delivery, the cost of which will also be $199.

  • Delivery by third party services:

Valusso Design LLC independently and based on its experience selects a specific carrier for a particular order. If the customer has a preference for a particular company, he/she can inform about it, and Valusso Design LLC will try to send the goods by this particular transportation company.

The cost of transportation services shall be calculated separately for each case and paid by the customer. In case the actual cost of delivery services is higher than the one paid by the customer, Valusso Design LLC reserves the right to charge the customer the difference as an advance, and the customer shall be obliged to pay the difference.

All carriers deliver goods “curbside”, without delivery to the premises, unless otherwise requested by the customer at the customer's expense.

Packaging and Cargo Insurance:

All products sold by Valusso Design LLC are safely shipped in strong and secure packaging specifically designed to protect your order. Each delivery is additionally insured by the transportation company for delivery in perfect condition.

Cargo Damage during Transportation:

Our products are carefully packaged to avoid possible damage during transportation. Although extremely rare, damage does occur from time to time. We ask that customers inspect all goods for hidden or any other damage when making delivery.

If orders were damaged during delivery, this should be documented on the “Bill of Lading (BOL)” provided by the transport company making the delivery for you. Please never sign the BOL before the delivered cargo has been inspected for possible damage.

All visible damage should be noted on the BOL, but it is also important to open all delivered boxes and inspect the products for hidden damage during delivery.

If the driver does not give you time to inspect the cargo, leave a note “cargo was not inspected due to driver's haste” on the BOL.

All damages shall be reported to Valusso Design LLC within three (3) calendar days from the date of shipment/delivery by sending to the personal manager's e-mail or to the company's general address photos of damage, BOL photo, and description of damage. No claims for quality or quantity after 3 days from the date of delivery will be accepted.

If the BOL has been signed without comments, Valusso Design LLC will not be able to accept your claim for the damaged order.

Other terms and conditions:

When selecting a delivery address, the customer warrants the availability of access roads, has a location designated for unloading, personal presence or the presence of a representative for acceptance.

Valusso Design LLC will neither dispose of boxes, packaging materials, etc. after delivery nor reimburse the costs of their disposal.


Valusso Design LLC shall be responsible for making payments directly to the shipping and delivery companies. You, as the customer, should not pay anything to the shipping company representatives at the time of delivery or at any other time. Any payments made by the customer to the shipping company or its representatives for any additional or existing services will be at your sole discretion.

You agree that Valusso Design LLC will not refund such payments under any circumstances.


At the time of delivery to any other specified location, the customer agrees to have a representative on site to accept the goods and the necessary equipment to do so.

The customer agrees to pay the full purchase price and additional delivery charges if the delivery address was unavailable or incorrect.

The customer shall be solely responsible for demurrage, delay and similar charges arising out of, or in connection with, customer's failure to fulfill its obligations under the terms of the delivery policy.

Any carrier may have multiple vehicles available to fulfill your delivery by any one of them, and Valusso Design LLC shall not be responsible for the inability of a vehicle to reach the final discharge point indicated on the bill of lading due to road conditions, weather, or other circumstances beyond Valusso Design LLC's control.

Valusso Design LLC assumes no responsibility for damage to the product, injury to anyone, or any other problems that may arise from moving the product during the unloading process.

Failure to deliver for this reason may result in the product having to be picked up from the carrier's nearest distribution warehouse with fees and costs for which the customer is responsible.

Carefully inspect the order upon delivery. Valusso Design LLC shall be not responsible for damage not indicated on the shipping company's paperwork, such as damage incurred while bringing the product into the home or storage.

Upon receipt of your order, you should check the integrity of the packaging. If it is damaged, note it on the shipping documents. Remarks on delivery damage are only accepted if they are reflected in the shipping documents. Remarks on the quantity or quality of goods that could not be revealed due to the packaging are accepted only within 3 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order.

Customer Service

In case of any questions please contact us. You may call your sales representative at (754) 900-5169 for more information regarding delivery terms and conditions. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (EST).