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Doors are an important part of any interior. They should not just fit into the space, but effectively complement it. Manufacturers create different variants of barn doors for interior purposes, so it's quite easy to choose the right one. At the same time, the diversity can sometimes confuse the eyes.

Valusso Design specialists will tell you everything you need to know to buy the right interior barnyard doors for your home or farmhouse.

The Advantages of Barn Doors for Interior

Nowadays the barnyard doors are topical for interiors in loft and rustic styles. The most popular are the models of monochrome colors. They bring out the beauty of the chosen style in the apartment.

Sliding barnyard doors are a good substitute for classic swing doors. There are several benefits of such models: unusual design, many styles, possibility to save space in the room, eco-friendliness, maximum use of the doorway width. All these advantages make barn doors the ideal choice for your home.

Most of our barnyard doors for sale are made of solid core. We use high quality solid pine or MDF in production of our frames which makes them rigid and durable enough to hold a heavy 80 inches solid core door slab. In the catalog you will find the following types of doors:

  • glass doors. Contain frosted milky glass inserts. In our catalog there are white, gray and brown doors. The last two imitate wood texture. If you need a smooth door, white models are for you. They are suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets or office spaces. The blank leaf will provide reliable protection from prying eyes.
  • french barnyard doors. Frosted tempered glass is integrated into the entire surface of the door leaf. Perfect option for modern interiors.
  • panel doors. The design of such models is quite complicated. Paneling is an insert in the door leaf, it is needed in order to decorate the door and give it a noble look.

Particular attention should be paid to hardware, on which the lightness and durability of the door depends. Our experts will select a special barn door system, in which you can easily open and close through a sliding mechanism.

Kinds of Coatings for Interior Barn Doors

Valusso Design LLC has 3 main finishes – White, Whiskey Oak, Ice Maple. Also, any finish can be ordered with the lead time 12-14 weeks. White finish of Valusso Design LLC doors can be painted in any color you like.

There are 3 types of finishes — cheap and more expensive — our doors are coated with:

  1. Polypropylene. It is a technologically advanced type of finish which is basically an ultra-thin layer of plastic with a decorative pattern on it. Valusso Design doors are coated with polypropylene of new generation. It differs from usual polypropylene in the deep texture of a surface and high consumer properties.

    Its advantages:

    • increased moisture resistance;
    • resistance to influence of sunshine and discoloration;
    • contains no harmful formaldehydes and phenols;
    • variety of colors;
    • deep 3D-pattern;
    • resembles a natural wood surface.

    Touch up kit is highly recommended because polypropylene is a very delicate finish. It’s scratched easily enough and requires careful handling.

  2. Enamels (lacquers). These are paints that dry to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to hard wear or variations in temperature.

    With Valusso Design doors, premium lacquers are applied to MDF panels. Enamel finishes are achieved with the use of UV- and scratch-resistant lacquering technology.


    • increased moisture resistance;
    • resistance to influence of sunshine and discoloration;
    • can be painted in any color from the RAL color chart.
  3. Natural wood veneer. Veneer is a covering that is made of coniferous or deciduous wood. Our barnyard doors are finished with natural veneer. It perfectly "repeats" the external appeal and texture of wood. Farmhouse interior doors coated with veneer provide good sound and heat insulation. If necessary, such doors can be restored: the surface is sanded and then lacquered again.

If you want a door with natural veneer, you have to tell our specialists about it in advance. This finish is made only by special order and may take longer to complete.

How to Choose Farmhouse Interior Doors

If you decide to order doors, consider a few parameters:

  • What kind of door you need: whether you want a swing door or need a sliding model, because the space is small.
  • What kind of coating suits you in terms of appearance and functionality.
  • What door design suits your interior best.

All our door models for sale can be made in the barn construction. Valusso Design consultants will help you make the right choice depending on what you want: an expensive or a cheap option.

The Construction and Installation of Interior Barnyard Doors

The main advantages of this type of door are its simplicity and reliability. A properly made mechanism will serve faithfully for many years. Despite all its massiveness, even a child can open the door.

The barn system allows you open doors along the wall on special guides. In the top part of the structure, roller systems and the rail mechanism with the stopper are installed. All sliding door elements are usually purchased in a kit.

A threshold is not used in barn doors. Thanks to its absence there are no barriers for moving and the safety of the floor covering is ensured. It is convenient for the movement of people with disabilities or cleaning the house. Fully opened doors give the impression of a solid space.

Installing the Doors

Such a significant and difficult move as the installation of interior barnyard doors should be entrusted to professionals. These people are specially trained, and most importantly — they know the doors that are sold in their firm thoroughly.

If you decide to finally order with our company, you will get:

  • Ability to call a measurer, who will take all the necessary measurements, to your house in Miami. At the same stage it is necessary to choose the direction of opening.
  • Right to examine the door for the presence of defects when the delivery service brings it to your home;
  • Neat door installation in Miami area;
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Before the specialists come to install the door, it is necessary to prepare the room. Installing the interior door should be made after the drying of plastered or painted walls or after that, stick wallpaper, as well as after laying the floor and after attaching the baseboards.

    When the installers arrive, be always somewhere near them to answer the questions they may have.


    However, if you want to install the door yourself, it can be done easily. All our doors are prefinished. A prefinished door is the one that has already been completely prepared for installation. It can be installed simply with a minimum of additional work. Such doors have been completed to exact standards at a factory level, using machinery and techniques.

    Helpful Tips

    For the door to please you with its beauty and functionality for a long time, it must be competently operated.

    1. Regular door maintenance is helpful. As dirt, wipe the door with a damp flannel cloth soaked in a special agent. It is strictly contraindicated to destroy the surface of the door with various solvents, alkalis, which can lead to defects.
    2. Mechanical impacts can still cause damage to interior barnyard doors, so protect them from impact.

    So, all of this uncomplicated knowledge about interior barnyard doors will help you make a fair selection. If you have any questions or difficulties while buying the interior doors, courageously ask for advice from the consultants of the store. That will prompt you to make the best decision.

    Valusso Interior Barn Doors for Sale

    Valusso Design company is the ideal partner for you to buy interior barnyard doors. Whatever the style of your home or farmhouse is, you will find the doors of your dreams among our wide assortment.

    In addition to barn doors, we also offer:

    • modern interior doors in other styles and configurations,
    • front doors,
    • high-quality accessories such as handles, hinges, hardware and finishing products for sale.

    Thanks to our stock of more than 124 models and more than 5000 doors in different sizes, we will be able to supply you quickly and, if necessary, deliver the door by a delivery service. Please note that we only install doors within Florida, Miami.

    Why do buyers choose Valusso?

    We offer our clients convenient terms of cooperation:

    1. 000+ prefinished stock doors always in the warehouse in Florida, Miami;
    2. Demonstration of doors in the showroom by prior agreement;
    3. Providing certified installers throughout Florida;
    4. Polite and attentive experts;
    5. Work 7 days a week;
    6. Regular promotions and sales;
    7. Sending free physical decor samples of finishes.

    We ship to all 50 states. Without mortise service: 2-4 business days for the East Coast, 5-7 business days for the West Coast. If you need the mortise service, the production time will increase up to 10 business days.

    A visit to our showrooms in 3351 SW 13th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA is a must. We exhibit different models, and our specialists are always available and will be happy to advise you and help you make the best choice according to your wishes, dimensions and budget.