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Until recently, interior doors were purchased purely for practical reasons. The main criteria in choosing were reliability, high quality and durability. But everything has changed dramatically with the emergence of new trends in contemporary design and great competition between manufacturers for the market.

Now buyers are looking for the best ideas for their home, trying to stand out from the exterior surrounding taste and unconventional approach to the choice of interior objects.

Modern interior doors are a real boom on the door market in Miami. They are preferred by people who go with the times with special taste preferences, which like strict style, ergonomics, functionality and not to taste extra details in the design of the door leaf.

Valusso Design provides modern interior doors which are installed in offices, private houses and apartments with the same modern interior.

Types of Interior modern doors on Sale in Miami

Our models will satisfy the needs and tastes of every customer, because they combine such qualities as practicality, durability and attractiveness. You will find a large selection of modern doors with such characteristics in our catalog.

Valusso Design models differ by:

  • The mechanism of opening. Earlier doors were known only for hinged designs, today we offer various mechanisms: barn, bypass, pocket, magic.
  • Materials. Valusso Design interior doors are made from solid core, flush models are made from honeycomb core. We offer 3 attractive and wear-resistant decorative coatings: natural wood veneer, non-toxic enamels, and polypropylene.
  • Design. All our modern doors are stylishly designed. To make them unique and individual, special decor is used: inserts of frosted glass, aluminum lines. White models have soft touch coating and are smooth. The whiskey oak and ice maple doors are texture laminated. The white ones can also be laminated or painted in a custom color.

There are many various colors and styles to choose from, making it appear to be a difficult task. Our consultants are always there to help you choose the right option for your home!

Modern interior doors for sale by Valusso Design

We are happy to offer you doors in modern style from stock or to order. We have over 120 models to choose from in the catalog, attractive discounts and advantageous terms of cooperation. Here are some benefits with buying from us:

  • Our doors are on exhibition in our showroom and our website;
  • Consultants that are skilled and dexterous to help with installations in Miami, Florida;
  • Experts who are welcoming and professional, and who have good design suggestions for your home;
  • Sales and special offers on a regular basis;
  • Affordable prices on internal and front models;
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

Modern interior doors in Miami are for sale at prices from 170 to 500 $ per door. We deliver from the warehouse to your home throughout the country: nationwide delivery takes 2-4 business days for the East Coast and 5-7 business days for the West Coast. To make a purchase you can order online, in our showroom or by phone.