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Classic internal doors never go out of style. Although the classics are being replaced by modern interior design technologies, it is still relevant and in demand.

Interior doors in a traditional style have strict lines, ideal proportions, and beautiful hardware. Such models create a feeling of lightness and nobility. If you want such a door for your home, Valusso Design experts will be happy to help you choose its design, color, and material.

What Types of Traditional Interior Doors do We Offer?

In our catalog you will find two types of classic doors with photos:

  • Panel. Such models are ideal for interiors due to their durability and stylish design. They have excellent sound and light insulation.
  • Panel with glass inserts. In such models wooden panels alternate with the glass ones. These models are popular among homeowners because they help to brighten dark rooms and create an atmosphere of openness due to the presence of glass.

Surrounding yourself with a team of professionals from Valusso for the purchase of your interior doors will make the selection of doors for you an ideal experience.

Color options

A white door creates the idea of more space, which is desirable for most homeowners. If you want to create a calming ambiance in your house, a white classic model is a fantastic choice because the light color is refreshing and easy on the eyes. If necessary, we can paint your door in a custom color that will perfectly match your interior. In our catalog you will also find Whiskey Oak and Ice Maple colors.


We offer traditional doors made of solid core. The advantage of this type of door is that they not only insulate the room acoustically but also thermally. Aesthetics, moisture and scratch resistance are a big plus for most people.

Solid wood internal models offer a luxury appearance and are perfect for classic interiors. They last a long time and do not require specific maintenance.

Hanging Option

The most common classic interior door is the swing door. They provide excellent sound insulation in the room, retain heat and prevent the penetration of odors. This option is ideal for traditional interiors but it needs a certain amount of space to open.

Perfect solution for small houses is the sliding configuration, which is installed on guide rails that are very close to the wall. Sliding constructions are often broader than the swing ones, making passage or traffic easier. They are absolutely safe because they do not have the usual threshold. We offer different sliding configurations — barn, pocket, bypass.

All the Valusso Design doors are pre-finished. It means that they have already been completely prepared for installation and can be installed with a minimum of additional work.

Classic Style Interior Doors by Valusso Design

If you are thinking of changing your interior doors, let the Valusso team advise you. We will achieve the best results at the lowest possible price.

We also have a number of advantages:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Lead time 3-14 business days, the shortest lead time ever;
  • Products are on display in our showroom;
  • Many models in stock in different sizes;
  • Best customer service with friendly specialists with great design ideas for your home;
  • Numerous door styles and finishes to choose from;
  • Sales and special deals from the company on a regular basis;
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

If you are thinking of changing your internal doors, let the Valusso team advise you, we will achieve the best results at the lowest possible price! We are located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Miami within the state of Florida.