Interior French Doors

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French Doors for Interior

French doors are synonymous with sophistication and elegance. If you need to add a more classic look to your room, this model is the best pick. It is stunning in its own way and exudes a lovely sense of chic.

Valusso Design doors for sale come in various styles — traditional and modern — so you can order what best suits your house, whether you're remodeling your home or building a new one.

The Benefits of French Interior Door with Glass

The French internal door is a very popular model. It allows natural light to come in through the glass. Such models are also attractive and stylish.

Advantages of French doors for sale:

  • Aesthetically beautiful;
  • Allow air and light into the room;
  • Serve as excellent soundproof;
  • Give sliding constructions a more classic look;
  • Enhance the home's design;
  • They are highly customizable.

The doors with glass improve the home's functionality by providing a great barrier between rooms and connecting spaces that are smaller. If you want to add some light and air to the living room, consider replacing your old slabs with French doors.

What Rooms are French Doors with Glass Suitable for?

Such doors can be used in almost any space with enough room. They're a popular choice in homes that desire to divide two indoor spaces while keeping the rooms connected and allowing light to pass through.

French models with glass are typically found in living rooms, and even rooms overlooking a garden. Still, they're also popular as an interior door between two rooms that can be opened up to create more space.

These rooms include:

  • The bathroom and bedroom;
  • An airy, enclosed patio and a kitchen;
  • The living room and a home office.

Other places internal French doors can be installed include the children's bedroom and even a pantry.

Valusso Design Interior French doors in Miami: Materials and Coatings

Our doors for sale are made of a high-quality solid core. This material provides excellent soundproofing and insulation. It has been tested and confirmed to be strong, heavy, and long-lasting.

Since most of the slab surface is occupied by glass, we have taken care of your safety. Our French models have glass inserts made of tempered glass. It is strong and therefore difficult to break. However, even if the glass breaks, it will shatter into small, harmless pieces.

Doors Coatings

Our company offers 3 different types of French door coating. These are:


Polypropylene is a multi-layer covering that mimics the pattern and relief of natural wood. Valusso Design polypropylene-coated models have good resistance to moisture and sun exposure. They are available in various colors and offer a wide choice of design options.

The benefits of the coating:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • High moisture resistance;
  • Affordable price;
  • Ease of maintenance.

Enamel is a widely used coating for slabs. It is available in a wide range of shades and can be water or oil-based. Valusso Design French doors for sale, coated with enamel, have a hard, durable, and glossy finish.

Its advantages:

  • The coating is durable and lasts long;
  • Gives the slab a lustrous, smooth finish;
  • It is moisture and temperature fluctuation resistant.
Natural wood veneer

Wood veneer coating produces fine and smooth panels for French doors. Slabs with such finishes are similar to solid wood ones, but they are cheaper. Valusso Design French models for sale, that are coated with natural wood veneer, have unique patterns, various colors, and tints.

The advantages of veneer:

  • Enhanced strength and durability;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Temperature and humidity changes resistance;
  • Easily repair in case of mechanical damage.

The price of French doors with glass is determined by the materials you want as well as the size and configuration.

The Configurations of Interior French Doors for Sale

Valusso Design offers various internal door options for sale. These configurations can either be single or double depending on the doorway width. We also offer prehung, slab, and slab with casings options.

Prehung doors

Prehung models are well-known for their ease of installation. The frame is already attached to the slab, but pay attention that it doesn’t include casings, handles, and locks. Buying such a door will save you much time and effort.

Slab doors

The slab comes without a frame and standard hardware but is coated with a decorative finish. Such models are often used as a custom door design when building a new home or remodeling an existing one. Such doors provide you with more creative freedom and are cheaper.

If necessary, Valusso Design can offer you the casings. You can also request a mortise service. With this, our workers will embed the locks and handles.

Our company offers several possible configurations of French doors with glass. In addition to classic swinging doors, you can order a sliding model, which include barn, pocket, and bypass options.

What are the Interior French Doors Prices?

Valusso Design doors prices depend on their configuration, design, coating, and size. The average price of the slab of the standard size is about $365.

Benefits of ordering from Valusso Design:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • A good deal of internal and exterior doors;
  • Regular special offers;
  • Delivery all over the USA;
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

The Valusso Design showroom is near you: we are located in Miami, Florida. Our experts are always happy to share their creative design ideas with you.