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The type of interior doors used to adorn a particular location is dependent on the features and craftsmanship of these doors. Every model has a specific composition which ranges from its design, core materials and its depth of thickness.

Interior Doors on Sale in Miami

Valusso Design Doors LLC is one of the leading companies providing the best and most reliable interior doors for sale in Miami. Here you can find various sets of doors for different interiors. All these doors come in three different shades of color ranging from White, Ice Maple and Whisky Oak.

You can buy one of the following models in different styles:

Glass Doors

This set of doors has embedded in them frosted milky or coal glass insert. These features ensure the beautification of the door. It also allows for there to be minimal entrance of light into the room.

  • French Doors. This is a door in which at least 80% of the entire slab is occupied by frosted tempered glass. Such models let in a lot of sunlight and look stylish.
  • Panel Doors. They are made from timber, making them an easily available door. They are designed with cravings to give it a unique appearance. They are also easy to install, and require limited form of maintenance.
  • Flush Doors. These models have a smooth white or natural wood textured surface, and are made using hardwood to give it a tensile strength that can withstand any impact. It is designed with new materials that are easily accessible, making it a cheap and readily available form of door to own.
  • Flush Doors with silver, gold or black aluminum lines. These modern doors are designed using either silver, black or gold lines to attract buyers by displaying its stylish appearance.

Valusso Design doors come in different sizes, depending on the specific dimensions that are required by individuals for their home. We have sliding, swinging and other types of doors.

We also make pre-hung doors that the customers can install themselves. These models come with readily fixed hinges and frames which will aid their installation process, making sure that they are well fitted into a doorway.

Interior Doors in Miami by Valusso Design LLC

We are an interior decoration company that is near you: our showroom is situated in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Miami within the state of Florida. Before visiting us, you can see our models online.

Our doors are properly coated with the very best of materials to ensure their lasting durability. The final price of the door depends on its size and the selected type of coating.

We offer 3 types of finishes:

  1. Polypropylene. It is the cheapest type of finishing that provides a thin sheet of covering that is used to line the exterior of the doors. It also gives an attractive design to the doors.

    Pros of Polypropylene:

    • Highly resistant to moisture;
    • Protect doors from discoloration and rays of sunlight;
    • It has no toxic chemical component which causes adverse reactions (formaldehydes and phenols).

    Polypropylene is very subtle and can easily be turned off if not properly handled. There is a need for a touch up kit in the event of an accidental tear off.

  2. Enamels (lacquers). They are used in coating surfaces that are exposed to the atmosphere. It is a firm and glossy polish that is effective in preventing wear on doors.We offer exclusive lacquers which are applied to MDF panels. The coating is UV- and scratch-resistant.
  3. Natural wood veneer. Veneer is a covering that is made of coniferous or deciduous wood. Our doors are finished with natural veneer. It perfectly exemplifies the external appeal and texture of wood. Interior doors coated with veneer ensure adequate sound and heat insulation.

What are the Prices of Interior Doors?

Valusso Design LLC have on display, doors with different valuations. We offer both expensive and cheap interior doors for sale.

The price tag for internal doors varies based on your preference as a buyer. It ranges from between $175 – $500. These price tags are based on the specific feature each door displays.

We are open to help you get the best door type – the cheapest or the most expensive – that fits your budget and illustrates your look.

Benefits of Valusso Design Doors

Valusso Design interior doors are made from solid core, flush doors are made from honeycomb core. The frames are manufactured using high quality solid pine, making them tough and strong enough to withstand even a heavy 80 inches solid core door slab.

Our doors for sale have a sound-eliminating effect, are durable, and are also infused with state-of-the-art technology to provide homeowners with the best experience ever.

Our terms of cooperation with buyers:

  1. Affordable prices;
  2. A full display of our doors in the showroom and in stock;
  3. Skilled and dexterous personnel to facilitate door installations around Miami, Florida;
  4. Hospitable and professional experts with good design ideas for your home;
  5. Regular sales and special offers;
  6. Lifetime limited warranty.

Our showroom is near you: 3351 SW 13th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA. Valusso Design LLC is guaranteed to provide you with the best doors for different interiors.