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White doors are a strategic choice that is not afraid of mistakes, because they match with extreme ease to any style and environment. In addition, there are many models, types and materials. This will allow you to indulge in any furnishing project, budget, and housing needs. That is why right now they are the most requested interior doors by customers everywhere.

Valusso Design offers different white interior doors for sale in modern and classic styles. In our online catalog you will find nice models at very competitive prices. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect door for your home to make it stylish and cozy.

White Doors for House: Advantages of Choosing This Color

White doors have many aesthetic and functional advantages in a home. For that reason, they do not lack in any style that is carried every season, from the classic to the most modern and minimalist. White doors are an ideal choice for interior decoration for all these reasons:

  • Versatility. Choosing white, in any of its shades, for the interior doors of a house is a success. They offer endless possibilities to combine the decoration of the rest of the house. White goes with everything, so you can play with the tones of the walls, floor, and furniture.
  • Brighter and more spacious rooms. The light colors have an unbeatable advantage: they give brightness and spaciousness to any room. If you choose such doors, you will give a touch of light to the room, and a greater sense of space. Rooms with light-colored elements, especially white, appear larger and reflect natural light better. Such shades give a lot of warmth.
  • Elegance and sophistication. From an aesthetic point of view, the white color is always synonymous with elegance and sophistication in a home. House decoration with such a color as a base has a touch of delicacy, beauty and distinction. One of the best combinations for light-colored doors are the same color hallways, and a parquet in dark gray tones, or in the range of oak. And if the slab is decorated with glass or metals, or any other decorative element that gives it a touch of color, you will have a high-level decoration.

White doors is a trend that has been going strong for many years and that does not go out of fashion. You can buy a high-quality slab and forget about replacing it for at least a decade.

What Kinds of White Doors for Interior Do We Offer?

Valusso Design strives to satisfy every customer, that’s why we have prepared a variety of doors for sale in various styles:

  1. Flush. Suitable for any interior. Thanks to simple lines, they look equally well in both modern and classic houses.
  2. Flush with lines. Perfect for modern homes. Thanks to the aluminum lines, the slab looks particularly stylish.
  3. Panel. Look great in classic interiors due to their delicate look. Such doors perfectly maintain the overall elegant style of the room.
  4. With glass. Suitable for modern houses. The frosted inserts on the wooden panel create contrasts on the slab that allow the passage of light in an unconventional way. If you like the feeling of spaciousness then French models with tempered glass are the perfect option for you.

Valusso Design white panel and glazed interroom doors for sale are made from solid core. The flush models and flush with lines ones are made from honeycomb core. We also have a special Palmdale model with the same design as the Miami flush door but made of solid wood core.

We offer several slab coatings: polypropylene, enamel, and natural wood veneer. The choice depends on your budget and preferences. Veneered and painted models for sale have a higher cost compared to polypropylene. The company’s experts will tell you about all the features of each coating and help you choose the appropriate option for your conditions.

Hanging options

There are several hanging options possible for our white interior doors. Valusso Design offers the swing and sliding configurations. The swing one is more suitable for classic style. They can be double or single depending on the width of the doorway. Swing models are distinguished by good sound insulation, which is ensured by a snug fit of the door slab to the frame. They also effectively protect against the penetration of odors and noise. To open such a door, you need enough space, so the swing models are installed in large rooms mainly.

If you want to save space in a small room, the sliding models are the best option for you. We have several different sliding variations: pocket, barn, bypass, and bi-fold. All of them fit equally well into modern interiors.

Barn doors are best for loft and modern style. Although the design seems bulky, even children can easily cope with it thanks to its high-quality hardware. The bypass configuration is suitable for a mini apartment with a wide doorway while a bifold is perfect for the wardrobe in the bedrooms and drawers in the kitchens. Pocket models are a good choice if you want the slabs to ‘disappear’ when the door is open.

All sliding models are convenient in everyday life. They open the doorway, making it convenient for family members to move between rooms or bring furniture. Such doors are also ideal for zoning the space between the kitchen and dining room or kitchen and living room.

You can order a slab, a slab with jambs and casings, or a prehung door. The last option means that the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about their correct installation. There is no need to fit the door into the jamb yourself, ensuring it opens and closes freely and correctly.

White Interior Doors for Sale by Valusso Design

All our white internal doors for sale are factory made using professional equipment. The prices depend on the number of slabs - single or double - as well as on the configuration, and size. All orders are securely packaged so that the door doesn’t suffer any damage until it arrives at your home.

Here are several benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • Many models are available in stock;
  • Regular discounts directly from the manufacturer;
  • Thoughtful and experienced consultants;
  • Mortise service on demand;
  • Special offers for professionals;
  • Lifetime limited warranty;
  • Fast delivery of orders all over the United States.

Visit the Valusso Design showroom today to purchase your white interior door. We are located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Our consultants will offer the best design ideas for your home.