32 x 80 Interior Doors

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If you're looking to choose interior door designs for any of your home interiors (especially white), it's taking so much time to decide on the best size. One of the most popular sizes is 32 x 80 inches.

Valusso Design offers a wide range of stylish 32 x 80 interior doors constructed with different materials.

What's the Rough Opening for a 32-inch Door?

A 32-inch (two-foot-eight-inch) by 80-inch (six-foot-eight-inch) modern door would need an estimated opening width of 34 inches and an 82-inch height.

You can either choose classic swinging and sliding options for your house. The sliding options, such as barn, pocket, and bypass, can be used in homes that are not spacious enough to take the swinging configuration.

Also, a 32 x 80 interior door can appear as a double construction, apart from the single slab option. Double swing models with glass panels might appear narrow and small, but they give a different vibe when installed in internal spaces and add more light.

Valusso Design's 32 x 80 models can have a hollow, solid, or solid wood core depending on the collection. Our experts are always ready to advise you on materials and style.

32 x 80 Interior Doors for Sale

Valusso Design's slabs possess many advantages, such as being scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant, and are known for their quality and superb designs.

All available models are affordable, and they have a warranty period throughout their lifetime.

There are many 32 x 80 interior doors in stock in our showroom located in Fort Lauderdale. Come and find an interior or exterior door of your dream!