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Many average homes don't leave much room for a bathroom. And no matter what style or design you choose for your bathroom, a sliding barn configuration can add an exciting element to the design. They also bring that vintage appeal of barn doors from many centuries ago.

You will find that a barn door for bathrooms is becoming the first choice for many modern homes. Valusso Design models can be a fun visual element that wouldn't require too much space. It is safe, can be installed easily, and can be found in a wide range of colors.

At Valusso Design, we offer durable, visually breathtaking interior doors. With a tour of our website, you will find many models that match your taste. You can also contact our team of experts if you need help. Our goal is to help you choose the best solution for your interior.

We have many quality doors made of high-quality wood and glass. Our models can be seen on the product page of our website, or you can visit our showroom in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, for a hands-on experience with our gliding bathroom doors.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of a barn configuration? Read below why they are a nice idea and where you can buy them.

Benefits of Using Barn Doors for Bathrooms

There are many advantages that come with having a barn door in your bathroom. The luxury of having to slide rather than the traditional method of opening already makes it an interesting solution.

In this section, we will be showing you why you should get a sliding door in your bathroom.


The general idea behind using a barn door to save space is reasonable. But we choose to start with privacy because barn doors can be critical tools in keeping the room private.

Valusso Designs offers barn models made of quality materials. We sell hollow, solid, and solid wood core doors. All of them are excellent barriers to sight, smell, and sound.

Barn doors make the perfect fit for your interior. Each configuration is custom-made and fitted, so it sits perfectly on your walls and closes properly.

The Décor

Having a barn door in your bathroom adds a simple and elegant look. These models don't require too much to beautify a room. Sometimes, their simplicity is all it takes to make a room pop. Sliding barn doors are clean, and they give your space an organized, classy look.


The specificity of a barn sliding bathroom door personalizes the room. No doubt making the right choice will add a lot of energy to the room. The choice of materials also influences the look of the room. Glass, for example, allows more light into the bathroom, whereas wood keeps light out.

Sound and Odor Protection

Sliding configuration closes tight, preventing sounds or any unpleasant smells from crossing over. Our models and installation won't leave you with holes in the walls or floors.

It's easy fit means you don't have to deal with noise when sliding open. Our technicians will ensure your slab slides run smoothly with no noise.

Save Space

This is a common benefit you get from using a barn door regardless of the location. However, such doors in the bathroom make a lot of sense. Many houses and apartments have small rooms and doorways, so if you want to use your space wisely, a sliding construction in this room is a smart idea. Besides, you get some extra space for a cabinet with different wash accessories or a laundry basket.

Types of Barn Doors For The Bathroom

In our catalog, you will find many designs of sliding doors. They are made from different materials. Here is a quick run-through of what you can expect.


Value Design produces high-quality and durable bathroom flush doors. Some of them have modern-style aluminum stripes. Our honeycomb hollow core models are extra durable and sound resistant, making them stronger and providing better sound insulation than most solid core doors. We sell pure white and textured surface flush doors. Customers can also request for the slab to be painted in any RAL color.

Residential buildings commonly use flush slabs because they are visually appealing. A flush door with silver and gold lines gives it an attractive design for rooms, closets, and bathrooms.


This is a bathroom barn door with a solid core. It has a naturally beautiful finish, made from high-quality materials giving great visual satisfaction. Lego models are perfect for modern interiors where a homeowner wants to show his great taste.

Doors with glass inserts

Sometimes, we want something in between. That is why our glazed barn doors with a nice combination of wood and frosted glass are the perfect solution for modern houses. It matches a trending design that gives your bathroom a high level of livingness.


A traditional solid or solid wood core door for your bathroom. This model gives a soft visual satisfaction straight from its look. There are lots of options available for panel slabs. Simply changing the number of panels and their pattern can create new designs. They maintain their natural wood look and appeal, require less maintenance, are eco-friendly, and can handle the challenges of everyday use.


French doors are often used to connect rooms. Using this door in your bathroom allows more sunlight to pass through. The slabs are made with tempered glass panels, framed with wood. Such models are especially often ordered in master bedrooms.

Bathroom Barn Doors Coatings

Generally, our doors are coated with polypropylene, enamel, and veneer for an ideal finish and protection. Bathrooms are usually very humid, which damages wood. These coatings protect the slab from temperature and humidity. Our doors can be coated in any one of these three materials.

Advantages of polypropylene coating

Polypropylene is a highly resistant polymer (propene). It is a special kind of plastic that has a look of dense polyethylene. This also makes it unhealthy for the environment. However, it still has some unique benefits. For example, polypropylene doesn't crack, unlike natural veneer.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Moisture resistant.

  • High durability.

  • Affordable.

Advantages of enamel coating

The enamel coating is a mixture of varnish, pigment, synthetic resins, and other substances. This type of finish is used in areas with high humidity, temperature fluctuations, and ultraviolet radiation. Dust and dirt on an enamel surface are easy to clean off with a simple sponge/cloth and water.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Wide range of colors.

  • Easy application.

  • Moisture-resistant.

Advantages of veneer coating

A veneer coat is a thin layer of wood glued to the core. This product is used to add texture, color, and protection to the slab. A veneer coat is naturally resistant to humidity and temperature. It will not fade or peel for a long time with active use.

This coating provides quality, reliability, and affordability to its owner. Benefits of wood veneer:

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Can be used in many colors.

  • Resistant to various temperatures and humidity.

The best coating is usually determined by what is your most pressing priority. Knowing if you value aesthetics over durability will guide you on which coating is most suitable.

Not sure of what would go best with your bathroom? We have experts to help you choose the perfect coating and hardware.

Bathroom Barn Doors For Sale in Miami

Our company offers stylish and high-quality sliding bathroom doors; you can go right ahead and order online. Our goal is to help our clients and homeowners find the right solution for their buildings.

Valusso Design offers its customers:

  • Durable interior and exterior models;

  • Reasonable prices and regular sales;

  • Fast shipping all over the country.

Have you decided on which of our sliding models you’d like to get? Without a doubt, any of our designs will give your house and bathroom a new look. Now you have all you need to make the right purchase!

Unlike the bathroom gliding doors of the past, our products are simple to install. So simple, some clients install these constructions without professional help. Our products can also be modified to a client's taste.

We have a showroom in Fort Lauderdale where you will see many models of the different designs of sliding models. Our doors are always open between office hours, so you should come by soon.