What Type of Door is Used for a Pantry?

What Type of Door is Used for a Pantry?

Having a pantry door facilitates efficient storage in the kitchen. Given how much time is being spent there, most homeowners want to have a well-designed room. 


Well-chosen doors to pantries help to modernize the look of your house. Before installing the new construction, think about its configuration: the swinging or the sliding. The slabs take up the storage area for the canned products, dry goods, and perishables. If you have a small room, take a closer look at sliding systems. Also consider different door design options since it adds a decorative touch to the kitchen.


The Door Design

You may improve the efficiency of the storage by organizing a pantry. This area in the home won't exist in isolation. It will join the existing style of  your kitchen. Should you coordinate the door with the cupboards? 


No one rule can be used to address this issue. It 's all about the personal taste and the atmosphere you're going for. If the storage and cabinets are the same color and style, they will have a more streamlined and uniform look. Having the identical cupboard and pantry entrances might save the money in the long run.


Those who want to make the kitchen stand out can choose a slab contrasting with the rest of the cabinetry. You can add variety by incorporating a new element into the room, and as style preferences evolve with time, glazed models are currently the norm in kitchens. They suit classic and modern interiors, and a wide range of cleaning agents make them easy to care for.

Top best pantry ideas: 

Frosted Glass Door

The milky glass, inserted into a door, provides all the visual appeal of the glass without the drawbacks. It has the air of the refined elegance and is used with various design schemes.

Glass Kitchen Door

There are dozens of collections on the market with panels of different sizes and positions on the slab. You can choose the model with small inserts or larger ones. The slabs are usually made with a solid core, as this material is reliable and lasts for many years.


Some of the benefits of the frosted glass doors for sale are:

  • The durability.
  • The ease of cleaning.
  • The eco-friendliness.
  • The promotion of privacy .
  • The visual ‘lightness’ compared to the blank analogs.

The partially glazed slabs allow you to know if you've left the light on and adjust the amount of light that enters the pantry, both of which are useful features for this space.


If you want the door that is almost entirely glazed, order the French model. It is great for modern and classic interiors. The tempered glass is safe for the family members.


The Materials

The pantry is the room that is used every day. In order for the door to serve for a long time , it must be made of durable materials. The solid core is the most widely purchased material, while other options for sale are available from manufacturers.


Solid Сore

The boards are made from wood fibers, which are glued together with glue from natural ingredients. Solid core models are lighter than solid wood, making them easier to move or install. The benefits:


  • Have superior soundproofing and thermal insulation because the thicker, denser construction absorbs and reverberates sound waves. 
  • Are built to withstand the temperature changes without warping or cracking. They are durable and long-lasting, with virtually minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Are reasonably priced and offer better perceived resale value than the hollow core counterparts while significantly more economical than the solid wood analogs.

The solid core is a great option for a storage. The slab will last for many years and retain its original appearance.


The Configuration

Many manufacturing companies offer sliding configurations for sale, which are an alternative to the swinging construction. The bi -folding system is a common choice. It allows you to easily access the contents of the storage area without obstructing your path in the kitchen or causing you to knock into cabinets.


Bifold Doors

The bifold configuration, also called a folder, opens by sliding and folding to the side a set number of panels. Their main advantage is the compactness when folded.


Although traditionally used as space dividers with up to seven panels, the bi-fold models are common in pantries. To maximize the available kitchen area, this type is a must-have. Typically, storages have bifold doors with two panels, which fold open in the middle to provide a wide, uninterrupted view of the entire room. They are not only a distinctive and stylish construction, but also incredibly strong.


Most bifolders are made with the solid core which makes them durable. The panels’ design depends on the homeowners’ preferences: they can choose a blank version or a glazed model.

If you still decide to choose the swing configuration, we recommend ordering a pre-assembled option.

Kitchen Door


Prehung Constructions — Easy Way to Save Time

The term "pre-hung door" refers to a door that has already been hung on its hinges and attached to the frame. All together they are sold as a complete unit.


With little effort, the prehung door can improve the style of your interior. The slab fits into a prepared doorway. No case, locks, or handles are included. There is a broad selection of pre-assembled door sizes and materials. 


Their advantages:

  • Easy installation.
  • All the necessary hardware is already installed.

Buying such a type of construction will significantly reduce the time for installation. If there are many doors, there will be significant time savings. If you have the right tools and skills, you can do the job yourself, saving you money. 


Many companies offer the mortise service. It means that the locks and the handles will be installed at the factory.



Interior pantry doors are the crucial aspect of the kitchen design. Spend enough time considering what you want before purchasing a new model or upgrading the existing one. We have described the most popular style and configuration, but there are other collections and systems on the market: barn, pocket, bypass. All of them have their peculiarities making them more or less suitable for the storage room.


Write a list of your preferences, including the slab color. Feel free to establish the ideal environment in your home because it deserves nothing less.

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