What Is The Most Popular Style Of Interior Door?

What Is The Most Popular Style Of Interior Door?

Internal doors have a significant impact on the general visual appearance of your space. While they add to the aesthetic of your home, it is common for homeowners to pay special attention to them when renovating their houses.

However, contemporary internal collections have more benefits to offer than aesthetics. They also provide security and privacy, preventing any annoying sounds from coming inside.

Today, you can choose from dozens of collections to create beautiful doorways between rooms: . So, what are the most popular designs of internal doors? In this article, you will find the trendiest models on the market.

Top Interior Door Styles

Manufacturers offer many nice models. Most requested ones are listed below.


This type consists of two or more panels raised above the surface, forming a beautiful decor. It is ideal for classic houses where traditional furniture and decorative elements are used. The slab elegant appearance adds aesthetics and nobility to the whole interior.

Panel models are usually made of solid or solid wood cores to achieve durability. These materials also have good sound insulation characteristics. They require minimal maintenance and serve for many years.


Flush doors are flat-surface slabs without any decorations. They have no carvings or raised panels, yet they have a versatile look that adds to the beauty of your home. Only color and surface texture can add zest to their appearance.

Flush Interior Doors

Flush collections are more cost-effective because of their simple style. They have sleek designs, fit frames properly, and absorb sound well. Manufacturers offer models with hollow and solid cores. The price and slab weight depend on your choice of internal material.


French doors are a popular choice for interior zones like a living room and dining area. Their distinguishing feature is a large glass insert, which occupies almost the entire slab surface. This gives them a spectacular, chic appearance.

French interior door

One advantage of French models that many customers like is their possibility to allow natural light inside. They look visually lighter compared to blank analogs.

Your home's overall style should be considered when choosing these doors. French models with ornate details and a grid are a good solution for a traditional house. Collections with simple lines without a grid fit better with interiors in modern style.

Slabs often have a solid core. In combination with tempered glass, this gives the whole construction strength. Special glass has increased resistance to mechanical stress. If it is still broken, it will shatter into harmless fragments.

Trends can be traced not only in the slab design. Customers are increasingly thinking about choosing a sliding configuration, as a standard swing construction is not always convenient or fit in style.

The configuration leaders, that are ordered most often, are described below.

Popular Doors Sliding Configurations

All the interior door types mentioned above come in different sliding systems. Learn more about the most sought-after ones.


Pockets are a compact-sized construction configured to slide into wall cavities. At first, they were common in the east, but gradually merged into Western architecture.

Pocket doors

This is the best solution for homeowners with a tiny house area because there is no swinging obstruction around the doorway. It is suitable for any room in a house. Such a construction does not interfere with arranging furniture close to the wall.

Pockets are handy if you have adjoining different areas; you can use them as a partition. While you can have free access to other rooms at home, you can still have your own private space.

The main disadvantage of this system is an expensive installation. To organize a niche, you need to build a false wall. This leads to additional costs for materials, wiring and other communications.


This configuration stands out in modern interior door trends thanks to unique hardware that is not found in other sliding types. The slab is fixed to hang above the doorway as it slides along the wall. Barns are a great choice if you like a rustic interior look or loft-style decor. It is also great for urban, rural, minimalistic, or nature-inspired spaces.

Barn Doors

This configuration saves space and doesn't take up floor area like swinging ones. It allows free movement: you only need to slide it out of the way and move.

A barn door is functional and easy to install. Companies selling such systems offer convenient ready-made installation kits.


As the name implies, this door has two segments. The construction is designed to smoothly fold-in on each other with hinges between them. They are perfect for small rooms including closets and kitchen pantries as they allow easy movement and access.

folded doors interior

Additionally, folders are great for laundry areas that require full-opening to access the drying racks and washing machines. If you need a door to divide large environments into smaller functional spaces, this will serve as an excellent partition.

This model is low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and compact: . Fits perfectly modern and traditional houses.


All the interior styles and configurations mentioned above are top solutions. Your choice from our list depends on the space decoration and personal taste.

Whichever you choose between panel, flush, or French doors, you can be sure of their durability. A variety of configurations will help to fit the chosen design even into the cramped room, giving it individuality.

Sales reps of the company where you want to place an order will help you find the best option for design and budget.

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