Types of Interior Doors

Types of Interior Doors

Whether you are moving into a new home or want to renovate the property, you should harmoniously incorporate interior doors in your house style. 

They provide a significant amount of comfort and security. The right model will add aesthetics to the entire housing. Furthermore, the option to customize is what appeals to most people. You can modify them according to your design preferences, insulation requirements, and budget.

Now that you understand the benefit of installing suitable interior doors, consider the different types of designs and configurations they come with. Manufacturers offer dozens of collections and several configuration systems. Such a variety allows each customer to choose the perfect solution for themselves.

Let's discuss in depth which one of them you would like best based on its features and advantages.

Possible Configurations

When someone is remodeling or building a home, they typically pay a lot of attention to the internal door. Aside from their privacy and security benefits, they also provide aesthetic value to the property. That’s why people give much consideration to their looks and materials. 

Thanks to the many configurations, you can decide which design best suits your interest, preference, and requirements. There are a few possible systems you can choose from. 

One of the most popular is swinging, which has been known for centuries. The other option is the sliding configuration, with several variations. Due to the controversy, many people often veer away from choosing between them without truly understanding their characteristics and features.  

To choose between various options, first learn about their drawbacks and advantages.


Think about your home; the drawing room, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. These places most likely have hinged doors opening inside or out. This particular configuration is more common than sliding because it has many years of history.

Double interior door

People are typically acquainted with swing models since they are the oldest and most reliable type in the market. 

Their benefits:

  • Thanks to their simple design, they are reliable and require no special maintenance. Swing doors are held on hinges that almost never break. If they start to creak, it is enough to lubricate them or replace them with new ones. These elements are sold in any hardware store and are inexpensive.
  • The slab opens silently. The hinges move silently, so they do not make any sound when opened. This makes them different from sliding systems, where slabs can move along the tracks with noise.

The main disadvantage of the swing configuration is that it is not suitable for small apartments and cramped hallways because a sufficient amount of free space is needed for opening it.

If you decide to install a swing door in a new home, think carefully about the opening direction. The general rule: the slab should not block the passage to the room, so it is better if it opens to the wall. Also, it should not hit furniture.

A professional designer will help you to determine the direction of opening. He will recommend you the best option, depending on the house plan and furniture location.


Technically speaking, sliding doors are more advanced than swinging. They have a fixed track along which rollers move. This makes their opening and closing smooth. They also have a stopper at each end in order to prevent the slab from sliding back and forth uncontrollably.

Sliding systems come in two variations: single or double. Choosing which one is up to you, but be careful to order one that fits your requirements, measurements, and tastes. 

The gliding configuration provides excellent physical appeal, enhancing the aesthetic of your home without a problem. It is the more updated and popular version of doors. Many people opt for this particular solution because they provide better space utilization.

If you wish to be more considerate with your space, then you should choose a sliding system. They take up little space, and are perfect for small houses and apartments. 

There are several possible sliding configurations on the market. All of them have their peculiarities in design and functionality. We have listed the most popular options below.


Barns are the perfect example of functional art. If you need a useful and trendy door, then take a closer look at a barn system. True to their name, they first started as an entrance for farmers. Traditionally, they weren’t meant to be used inside houses; however, as time passed, so did they.

barn intrior doors

Now, they have gotten increasingly popular. This is mainly because they have been redesigned by professional designers. Talented specialists managed to make changes that allowed to fit a rough door into the interior.

Unlike swinging models, a barn is mounted on the wall with around two rollers attached. Those rollers are fixed on the rail, which makes it slide easily. This is why they are extremely useful while maintaining rustic styles.

Brutal hardware gives the whole construction an impressive look. There are dozens of ready-made sets in different colors and styles on the market so that customers can choose the one that suits them best.

Despite the seeming heaviness, the slab easily slides along the guide. It can be easily handled by a child or an elderly person.

Barn mechanisms have a huge safety margin, which is enough for several decades. Due to its simplicity and reliability, the strength resource of the elements is virtually unlimited.

Manufacturers offer many design options for the slab. The most authentic are rough wooden planks joined together. This is one of the most sought after slab types, which is ideal for loft-style interiors.


A few common misconceptions are circulating about pockets. People often think they are expensive and not worth their investment. They also assume that they only provide an aesthetic look to the house.

Pocket interior doors

True to their name, pocket doors are remarkably space effective; they require no space, and once they are installed, then serve for a long time. They are an excellent ergonomic choice, particularly if you are living in a studio apartment or simply don’t have enough room.

The word “pocket” is derived from its initial description of sliding into a niche. They move into the space between the false walls. Thus, slabs are hidden from sight when opened.

Pockets can come in double or single configurations, depending on the individual’s preference and the opening width. Double slabs look especially impressive, that’s why many owners of big houses choose them.

When selecting this option, remember that installation can be costly in terms of money and time. To build partitions, you will need to break the old wall and build a new one from drywall. Its front part will need to be finished: painted or wallpapered.

You will also have to transfer communications if they were in the old walls. To do this, you need the help of specialists, which costs a lot as well.


If you want an ergonomically-friendly door, you should opt for a bifolder. A folder is similar to a typical sliding system. However, it is a bit different from them, as slabs don’t necessarily “slide” back and forth. They have two or more hinged panels connected to each other, which gives the whole construction better flexibility. With the help of those hinges, they are able to fold like an accordion.

Bofild interior doors

As for the closing part, they are easily unstack from each other and straightened out until they are completely closed. Bi-folders add multiple benefits to any property, especially residential ones. They are an excellent choice if you wish to save space and have a compact doorway entrance.

They are rapidly getting more popular because of offering an extensive list of advantages:

  • This system is ideal for narrow openings where a hinged or other sliding door will not fit. Due to its compactness, it is often installed in pantries, laundries and other small utility rooms.
  • Large folders consisting of three or more panels are often installed to zone the space. With the help of such a partition, you can separate the bedroom from the office or the living room from the dining.

Thanks to the variety of slab designs, you can fit the system into any home. Dozens of collections in modern and classical styles are presented in the companies’ catalogs. Thanks to this diversity, each customer can find the perfect solution.

Popular Designs

Making a lasting impression on visitors is not an easy feat. Installation of trend doors will help to achieve this goal. They aid in lending your house a pretty visual, emphasizing the overall style.

There are dozens of slab options on the market. You can choose a modern collection or a classic one, depending on your interior features. Each collection has its own distinctive elements that make it suitable for a particular style.

Professional designers or door companies’ managers can help with the choice. Experts based on their experience will recommend the best design and budget solution.

In this article, we have described the most popular slab types that will remain relevant for a long time. Upon reading about the characteristics and features of each type, you will be able to decide what you need quicker.


Doors come in various styles and looks. Determining which one is best is a challenging task. Flush models are a good option for almost any house. They have a simple and elegant design on both surfaces, making them a safe and sophisticated choice.

Flush interior doors


Earlier, many people thought about them as just a functional type rather than a stylish solution. Today, manufacturers offer contemporary collections that can be home decoration. Often this is achieved by choosing a contrasting color of the slab that stands out against the general background. Also, some models have elegant aluminum inserts that give originality.

If you keep a sleek and neutral surface, then it will only enhance the art around you. Such doors can be deliberately simple, and you can use them to enhance the other features around them. For instance, if there is a pot or an art piece will highlight their visuals.

Their benefits:

  • have versatile design,
  • trendy, 
  • budget-friendly prices,
  • easy to maintain.

The smooth surface is easy to keep clean. It is enough to wipe it once a week with a soft cloth with a cleaning agent.


Panel models have been an increasingly popular type that is loved by many customers. This is an ideal option for classic houses with traditional furniture and decor. A distinctive feature of these doors is the severity and symmetry of the lines. The slab may consist of two or more panels, their number depends on the collection.

Panels decorate the slab, focusing attention on it or its individual fragments. They may contain three-dimensional elements, textured patterns.

In addition to an elegant appearance, the models have high sound insulation properties. Thanks to a solid or solid wood core, the slab reliably protects the room from noise penetration. High-quality materials are resistant to mechanical damage and serve for decades.

All these qualities have made panel models one of the most frequent choices among customers.


Most people have heard of French doors. Just by the name, an image pops into most people’s minds; they think about a large pane of glass with elegant frames to match. While it is an accurate description, it is much more than that. In addition to sheer light and beauty, they bring elegance to any home.

Previously, these models were installed only in traditional interiors. Today, designers are developing collections suitable for modern properties. Transparent and frosted glazing is available to customers. The choice depends on whether the homeowner wants to visually unite rooms or maintain privacy.

Despite the large piece of glass, doors are safe for people and animals. Manufacturers install tempered glass, which has increased strength. If it nevertheless breaks, non-sharp fragments are formed that cannot hurt. This is especially important for families with small children and pets.

French models can be used as a night light. Turn on the light in the next room and close the door: the luminous flux passing through the glass will not shine brightly into your eyes.

With Glass Inserts

It is common for people to worry about whether glass models are suitable for their interior or not. They have conflicting feelings regarding installing in the first place. Many people think that glass is not as safe as other materials.

Glass is a beautiful addition to any building, especially a home. Unlike the French ones, these collections feature models with small inserts. They can be placed vertically or horizontally on the slab. Often these panels are matte: one can not see through them what is happening inside. This way you can achieve privacy.

These models provide an air of elegance in one’s house. Due to their famous beauty, they are becoming more and more popular. Customers are more likely to purchase them in modern interiors, where they look harmonious.

One of the core benefits of installing glass doors is the increased amount of light coming in through them. Such slabs look ‘lighter’ than their blank counterparts. They allow you to give the whole interior ‘airiness’.

Final Thoughts

When you are choosing an addition for your home for aesthetic purposes, opt for modern internal doors. They are an incredible addition to the house that will accentuate the overall vibe.

After considering the vast variety of models on the market, you may feel more inclined to install one of them. This article discussed the trendy configurations and designs that will be perfect for your home. Order the one that caters to your needs the best

We hope that after reading this article, you have a clear idea about which one you want. If not, the door company’s sales reps will help you find the right solution. They will tell you about all the features of the chosen configuration and recommend the most suitable collection and name its current price.

You can also look on the Internet for models that are installed in interiors similar to yours. Here you will get new ideas that can be a great solution.

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