Types and Designs of Glass Interior Doors

Types and Designs of Glass Interior Doors

The beautification of a home commences with it’s appearance on sighting. One of the ways to give your home a face lift is to employ the usage of glass doors in various positions in the home. Deciding on the right type and design of the door that best soothes the style of your home can be a challenging and tedious process due to a variety of styles of glass interior doors.

Homeowners who are more conscious about their privacy will most likely settle for glass doors that are either frosted or tinted because they both ensure minimal visibility. Get ready to be stunned by the various options available to you as you peruse through this guide.

Clear Glass Interior Doors

Internal models with transparent glass gives you a glimpse of the contents within the room where it is fitted. They visually increase the area and the amount of natural light.

There is a wide array of glass options you can choose from that ensures safety and protection that will further optimize your door. In modern doors tempered glass which is difficult to damage or break is used.

Interior Doors with Frosted Glass

Such models, especially in white color, are suitable for any interior. They allow light to penetrate into the room, but at the same time are opaque enough to hide what is happening in the next room from prying eyes. This property makes these doors popular for installation not only in the living room or kitchen, but also in the bedroom and bathrooms.

Frosted glass interior doors can be made in different styles: modern, hi-tech, classic, country, provence, art deco, etc. Additionally, they can be decorated with carvings and milling. Individuals seeking to optimize natural daylight in their environment will find this design of door very useful.

Glass Paneled Interior Doors

Partially glazed wood interior doors are used throughout the home. They are decorated with small glass panels, the glazing area of the slab doesn’t exceed 50 %. More often they are installed in living rooms and kitchens, less often – in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

The inserts can be made of transparent and frosted, colorless and tinted glass panes and perform only a decorative function.

The neutral nature such doors possess gives the homeowner a leverage in determining combinations that goes alongside furniture and coverings. Another advantage of a glass paneled door is it’s easy to clean feature; requiring only the use of clothing with special cleaners and water to make the slab clean.

Sliding Glass Interior Doors

Sliding Glass Interior Doors

Sliding internal doors have long gained popularity among homeowners. This type of door gives an avenue to view the surrounding features of the environment and provides more openness between rooms.

One more advantage of such constructions — space saving. Many homeowners choose this design primarily due to the fact that they do not require free space when opening. In addition, they are ideal when transferring a much larger piece of possession or furniture from one room to another. Sliding configurations have less amount of weight. They are safe and convenient as the tempered glass panels will stay intact even when the door is closed abruptly.

Barn Doors with Glass

Barn Doors with Glass

Barn doors are a variation of the sliding construction. Such models with glass panels present homeowners with the absolute combination to recreate past designs into state-of-the-art architectural designs indicating modernization.

The sliding system gives a special highlight to such doors. The more massive it is, the more brutal they look. They can be single or double with a different number of glass panes.

Barn Doors with Frosted Glass

Frosted glass barn doors are the perfect choice for most interiors. With their help, you can bring sophistication and elegance to the room. High-quality tempered glass is absolutely safe, so such models can be installed even in a children’s room.

Despite the fact that such models look heavy, they open easily. In addition, thanks to the sliding system, there is no risk that the slab will slam shut from the draft and hurt someone.

Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

Glazed barn doors provide homeowners with an option of using a slab with ‘clean’ design, and also simplicity. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of barn interior doors with glass. They can be used to distinguish between a kitchen and a living room, a bedroom and an office. Choose the type of panels depending on the overall interior design and your preferences.

Accordion Doors

Accordion doors have foldable configuration used to provide bigger, and wider openings into any room. Such models have two or more slabs interconnected by hinges. They take up minimal space when opened.

Most often they are installed in bathrooms, dressing rooms and other small rooms. However, in some cases, constructions with large slabs and glass panels are installed in the living room, study, kitchen to delineate the space.

French Doors with Glass

French Doors with Glass

French glass interior doors are the models in which glass inserts occupy at least 80 % of the slab. The use of such models in homes is due to their beautiful appearance and fascinating craftsmanship.

The solid French doors can be used not only in classic interiors, but also in modern ones. The most popular glass options are frosted and transparent. The clear glass interior doors are often used as an element of interior to create the effect of conditional separation of rooms with a single design idea. If you want more privacy, order French doors with opaque glass.

Sizes of Interior Glass Doors

Manufacturers offer a wide range of slabs depending on the size of the doorway. Usually, the sizes range from 24 inches to 36 inches wide, with a minimum height ranging of 70 inches. Homeowners should endeavor to take an accurate measurement of the width and height of the slab before purchasing.

You can easily take measurements yourself. Today, many stores offer online consultation and help their clients remotely. But if you still need help, you can order a professional measurer from the store where you want to buy the door.

Glass Doors 30 x 80

Some of the most purchased glass slabs are of the size of 30″ x 80″. These are standard sizes that fit most doorways.

Glass Doors 32 x 80

This is also a standard size of interior doors. There is a wide range of models that allows you to purchase a product for every taste.

Glass Doors 36 x 80

Such wide models are often used in sliding, French, or exterior constructions. They are the perfect choice for wide doorways and large rooms.

Internal doors with glass can be the final interior touch, allowing you to create a certain balance in the room, visually change its geometry and bring some lightness.

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