Top Best Pantry Door Ideas

Top Best Pantry Door Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of almost any home. It is a favorite place of all family members that provides nourishment to both the heart and stomach. Having storage is one of many ways to keep it tidy and neat. The door leading to it plays two important roles: room division and an additional decoration. Choosing an appropriate model is an important decision that can considerably change the overall ambiance of your kitchen. It is also frequently used to make a style statement and further complement your interior.

It doesn't matter if you have a small or large pantry, you should choose the model that has the perfect look worth remembering. Just like other elements you use in your house, it is a reflection of your taste and the vibe you wish to create in your living space.

Modern door collections range from traditional blank slabs to modern options with frosted glass inserts. You are sure to find a specific solution from all varieties on the market that will work for whatever type of design you have in your house.

Below is our guide where you can learn more about ideas for pantries. We will showcase some configurations and models that will fit amazingly well with whatever home theme or pantry design you have in mind.



A barn-style configuration has a sturdy and trendy construction. They are frequently used in a wide variety of home types like in country and traditional ones, or fashionable loft kitchens.

Barn pantry doors

Homeowners can also choose either heavy wooden barn doors or opt for modern designs manufactured from a wide variety of materials. For example, honeycomb models are a nice result of contemporary technology. It costs less but still has a nice appearance.

Barn is the best choice in many homes. They have earned their place as a perfect solution for many interiors. They are very versatile in function and have a rough appearance due to massive hardware. There are many advantages of installing this configuration, especially in a pantry that already has limited room. A slab is easily opened and shut by sliding along a rail that is attached directly to the wall. Since it slides along it requires no swing space. Hence, they do not interfere with movement in the kitchen in any way, which is crucial in smaller houses.

Sometimes in such doors an ordinary slab is combined with a board on which you can draw with chalk. You can write down a recipe, make a shopping list or leave a message to other family members on it.


Bi-fold, which is also called a folding door, is a kind of configuration that opens by folding in two halves in the middle. This bi-folding action gives quick access to the contents of your storage room without making it hard to move around in the kitchen or bumping into cabinets.

Bifold Doors

When closed, slabs fold into a neat stack on the right or left side. This configuration is very convenient, especially when you’re looking for something that won't take up much space. It also ensures the integrity of your floor covering.

Most people order bifolders with two panels. Why? Because with a quick pull from the middle, you can see everything in your pantry without swinging the slab. This is an ideal option for tiny kitchens where there is little space. You can order the smallest size door if the doorway is too narrow, and it will perform its functions properly.

This configuration can also have more than two panels, but this option is only suitable for large enough pantries. The slab can be blank or with glass inserts of different sizes.

Frosted Glass

Glass doors continue to be at the top of the list of most aesthetically pleasing options for most homeowners. They are highly sought after for their unique advantage of allowing natural light to enter and brighten any room.

Frosted glass pantry doors

Interior designers use glass as the best way to make the kitchen stylish and lively. Small rooms benefit from incorporating such doors because they end up making them look and feel bigger.

Adding glass surfaces has been one of the most long-lasting trends in modern design. The more of them in a kitchen, the more visual lightness your room will have. Directing natural light into your pantry gives it a light feeling.

There are many glass options used in manufacturing inserts: matte, clear, with different textures. They all have different effects and are often used by designers. One big difference between a clear and frosted door is how transparent they are. Matte surface maintains privacy while still allowing light to come through. This is perfect for customers who needn't fully transparent slabs in their storage room to keep utensils hidden.

The unusual blurry effect of frosted glass is one reason it can fit into any design. They help to achieve a casual modern appearance or make your kitchen look more spacious.

Versatility of frosted glass is one of the reasons it remains top choice. You can use these models in traditional, modern, and transitional homes, among others.


French models are one of the most impressive and beautiful on the market. They look equally nice in traditional and modern interiors adding them elegance and class. Manufacturers offer different collections: some of them are one large glass panel while others represent a panel divided into numerous parts by a frame. French doors are popular because they admit direct light into the pantry thanks to which you can take the right device or jar without turning on the light. Plus, they look “lighter” than other models which may be important in small rooms.

French pantry doors

Today manufacturing companies insert durable tempered glass, which is safe for family members. Even if someone breaks it, it will crumble into non-sharp pieces.


A swinging door is the most common type that has been known for many centuries. It relies on a simple and easy technique of two or more hinges secured on a frame. It is most commonly used as the main entrance to homes but also functions as a perfect solution for your pantry doorway.

Swing pantry doors

Before ordering a construction, think about which way it will be more convenient to open the slab: into the kitchen or pantry. Most often, the first option is chosen, since there is usually little space inside. But if there is a table in front of it, opening inward will be more preferable. Otherwise, you may have to maneuver around it or open it halfway, so you can easily retrieve utensils and ingredients.

With a door that swings, you will need far more space, so it doesn’t bump into shelves or cabinets. As long as it is left open, you are compromising space that can be useful to your kitchen.


This pantry idea is one that many homeowners share. Dutch models, which can also be called stable or half doors, are more suited for traditional homes. The slab is divided into two slabs (top and bottom) which allows one half or both halves to open independently of each other. They will make your storage look more interesting and allow you to style your kitchen to give it a home-like appeal. 

Although you will find that a majority of houses with this type of door are traditional, there have been modern adaptations of this construction that make it suitable for your modern house. They can also be customized and styled with different materials, such as glass inserts.


Storage room doors are an integral part of any kitchen. Some of them take up the most important design element in it but most often they complement the overall style without attracting much attention. 

If you want your storage to look great and function properly, you need a model that fits your needs. No one door can do everything, but hopefully, after reading this article, you have an idea which one would suit your kitchen better.

If you still could not decide on the option that suits you, contact sales reps of a manufacturing company for help. They have experience in selecting models for different interiors and will recommend which configuration and color will look best. They will also tell you about other nuances that you may not be aware of: the opening side, slab coating, etc. Together with professionals you will find the ideal solution.

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