How to Change the Way a Bedroom Door Opens?

How to Change the Way a Bedroom Door Opens?

Most homeowners ask, "Is there a right or wrong way your bedroom door should open?" Our answer is no; there isn't. It all depends on their preferences and furniture arrangement.

Some people don't care if it opens to the right or left; for others, it is a big deal. In a way, changing the direction of your bedroom slab opening can help rearrange your environment. If you have a small room, changing the handing adds more valuable space. Besides, this is a good option for renovating a house without serious money investment.

This task is fairly easy. If one has the necessary tools, materials and carpentry experience, they can do it themselves in a couple of days. 

Bedroom Doors

Change Door Handing

If you want to change the way your bedroom door opens, you need to move the door strike and its hinges to the other frame side and change the doorknob position.

Note: To keep the slab swinging in the right direction, you don't have to remove the doorstep.

Here are steps on how to change the way a bedroom door opens.

Step 1: Remove the slab

Take it down and lay on a flat, comfortable surface. Check if the hinges have decorative bottom caps, and remove them. 

Remove pins and unscrew the hinges. Next, remove the door strike. Fill in the mortises (it is a routed-out spot where the hinges fit into the slab side) and holes with wood fillers and a wooden cork. Sand them with sandpaper. 

Paint these inserts carefully. Try to choose the most similar color so that painted places do not stand out against the general background.

Step 2: Adjust the hinge plate

Cut out the hinge mortise on the opposite side of the slab and jamb. Do the same for the doorknob as well as its strike plate. 

Be careful about measurements. The best way to get the exact measurement is to place the hinges and strike on the other side, draw outlines, and mark holes using a pencil.

Step 3: Install the hinges

Once done, screw the hinges with the pins facing the direction you need the door to open.

Step 4: Hang the slab and install the strike

Set your slab back in place with the hinges and screw. Next, install the strike. 

Test the slab to know if it sticks or squeaks. If unpleasant sounds appear, lubricate the hinges. Many use WD-40 for this purpose. If the handle creaks, try disassembling it and lubricating its elements, too.

Step 5: Finishing touches

Ensure the door has been properly adjusted before adding finishing touches, such as polishing the surrounding area or painting over the spots.

Tips and Warnings

Every home makeover is not without its tips. Here are some recommendations you should consider when changing the door handing.


  • Ensure all the screws or nails are intact. Keep them in a cup or a bowl.
  • Ensure the measurements for the hinges and strike are correct.
  • Keep all equipment close.
  • Once done, clear up residue from the bedroom doorway.


  • Don't remove the door casings or doorstep. 
  • Ensure you wear safety glasses and gloves.
  • Keep children as well as pets away to prevent possible injuries.

Changing the direction of your bedroom door has many benefits. It is safer and a better choice when it comes to susceptibility and durability. On top of that, you will appreciate your bed or other furniture position more and all the extra space you will get.

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