Do Pocket Doors Have Problems?

Do Pocket Doors Have Problems?

When you need to make the most of a little floor space, a pocket configuration can be your best choice. Some houses lack the necessary clearance for a standard swinging construction. Because of the proximity of other objects, such a door is difficult to open completely in a small room. It might also reduce usable area for furniture and other decoration elements.

Pocket Doors

In this article, you can find all the information you need about this configuration, its advantages and minuses.


What Is a Pocket Door?

This is a kind of sliding configuration. This term refers to how a slab disappears into the wall when it is fully opened. It doesn't swing like a standard one but slides into a concealed niche within the wall. Depending on the doorway width, the construction may consist of single or double slabs that slide towards each other.


When the doors are hidden, there is a feeling of a single space between different rooms. This is especially noticeable in large openings. Slabs are completely invisible and do not distract attention from your interior


Pros Of Pocket Doors

This configuration has several benefits:


  • Efficient use of space with a refined appearance.

Although pocket doors are most known for their space-saving benefits, they also provide a touch of minimalist elegance to any room, even a traditional one. Choosing the right slab design and good materials, you can perfectly fit them into your interior and decorate it. You can order a blank model or with glass inserts that additionally let in light.

Hidden slabs are less likely to be damaged or soiled, especially if you have children or pets.


  • More useful areas in the living quarters.

Full-swing doors typically have an opening width of 2 1/2 to 3 feet. You'll need about 10 square feet of clearance to open it. This can be a significant waste of valuable real estate in a confined location like a small bathroom, laundry, or bedroom.

By choosing this system, you can recover the lost space. You'll have plenty of areas to set up your shelves, seats, and other furnishings in any way you see fit.


  • Increased Efficiency.

With this system, you can easily combine two zones without obstructions. To facilitate larger gatherings or private dinners, you can use it between the living room and family room or the kitchen and dining room.


Installing a pocket between two guest bedrooms in your house gives you the good option of providing guests with individual accommodations or a spacious suite. Looking to create a home office off the main living area? This configuration allows you to close off the room when you need privacy and to open it up when you don't.

Pocket Doors

Cons Of Pocket Doors

Unfortunately, they come with their share of difficulties. Even though they save on the floor area by gliding on tracks within the wall, some individuals find that they do not affect sound isolation.


It could be troublesome if you have pockets separating your office or bedroom from the kids' playroom. It isn't a very pleasant idea if you're trying to get some work done or catch some sleep, but it can be helpful if you're a parent.


Some other problems:


  • Tricky installation process.

A wall that is somewhat more than twice as broad as the slab is necessary for a pocket system. A niche at least 62'' wide is necessary for a 30-inch slab. You should also move wires, pipes, heating passages, and other utility lines. Extra support needs to be included if the wall is meant to support its weight.


  • Difficult repair.

Even seasoned workers find installing this construction challenging. The slab will only roll easily if there is no issue with its frame or track. Repairs will be difficult if the frame is harmed or something is interfering with the rollers. Getting to the railway might require tearing a portion of the wall down.

To avoid most of these issues, keep all the elements clean. This will also help you avoid squeaking.

Pocket Doors


Pocket doors are a space-saving, unusual, and adaptable configuration, allowing you to utilize your home more effectively and create new design possibilities. Both classic slabs and contemporary minimalism work nicely with them in your doorways. To prevent having a difficult installation process, think about hiring an expert to do this job if you decide to choose this option.

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