Are Glass Doors A Good Idea?

Are Glass Doors A Good Idea?

Modern house designs rely a lot on glass, from large windows to interior doors with various inserts. These models are a great way to define and separate your rooms while still keeping them naturally lit. With such a solution, the natural benefits of this material make any room feel more open.


But are glass doors a good idea for every case? Yes, they can be a nice option for a variety of reasons, but consider specific needs and context of your space before deciding if they are the right choice.


Glass Doors for Pantry

Recently we posted an article about types for pantry doors: 

If you want to renovate the look of your house by replacing the pantry doors, these models are a great idea. They're trendy and make your kitchen feel more elegant and spacy.


Manufacturers offer two main collections of doors: with small inserts and French. The first option is suitable for modern interiors. There are dozens of models today with glass panels of different sizes, most often matte. They allow you to maintain privacy.


French models have large inserts occupying almost the entire slab. They can be transparent or frosted. The second type is more suitable for storage rooms, since jars and kitchen appliances are not visible through the opaque material.

Glass Doors for Pantry


Benefits of Glass Pantry Doors

Here are some reasons to use these doors in your kitchen.


Open Up the Space

Even if your kitchen is small or dark, adding such a slab to the storage room will make it brighter and feel more open. This choice can change the whole feel of your pantry. Glazed models give the impression of depth and reflect light to make this room visually brighter.


Make the Pantry Part of Decor

In some cases, you can not hide room content, but rather put it on display. It is beautiful when owners carefully select jars and storage boxes that harmonize with your interior style. In this case, the utensils become part of the decor, complementing the kitchen.


Go with Every Style

You can find pantry doors that fit your tastes, no matter what they are. Modern models or styles from the 1950s? Choose stylish frosted models to go with your contemporary design. Traditional kitchens also look beautiful with glazed slabs.


Easy to clean

Cleaning them is easier than people think. With a quick spray of a cleaning agent and a good wipe, you're done. Wash the surface once every two weeks or as it gets dirty. This will help maintain a neat and clean appearance.


Kitchen Doors with Glass

Glass is a big part of modern architectural design. Such models come out really nice and beautiful. They also have some specific advantages of installing glazed doors in the kitchen doorways.


Kitchen Doors with Glass


Light transmission

One of the primary benefits of internal glass doors is that they allow light to pass through, which can help to brighten up a space and create a more welcoming and open atmosphere. This is useful in smaller or darker rooms that might benefit from additional natural light.



Transparency can be helpful in certain situations. If you are using the door to separate two rooms in a home, having a glazed slab allows people to see what's happening on the other side and make it easier to communicate.



Glass models are beautiful by their nature. They are aesthetically pleasing and add class to your home. Such doors used in modern kitchens give any house a contemporary, clean and sleek look.



Some customers are afraid of ordering French models because of their seeming fragility. There is tempered glass in contemporary models, which is much stronger than usual. It is harder to break, which is important for families with children and animals. If this happens, the material will crumble into safe fragments that are easy to remove.


Companies offer not only a variety of door collections. In their catalogs you will find different configurations.


Types of Doors

There are two configuration types: swinging and sliding. Each of them has its own advantages.


Types of Doors sliding



The most common type of interior doors with glass is one that hinged to its frame. This is a classic option, suitable for spacious areas where there is room to open the slab.



Sliding models open to the side instead of in or out. They move along its track on special rollers. Gliding systems save space, which is important for small rooms.


There are several options for sliders on the market. Each of them has features:

  • Barn. Rustic-style slab and rough hardware. Suitable for loft interiors.
  • Bi-fold. Consists of several panels that fold on each other. Usually, they are made of two hinged parts. Perfect for storages, wardrobes, and narrow hallways.
  • Pocket. A slab hides in a wall niche. To organize it, it is necessary to destroy the old wall and build a new one from drywall.
  • Bypass. This construction consists of several panels moving parallel to each other. Most often installed in large openings, for example, between the bedroom and home office.


A person who does not understand the nuances of each system may be confused when choosing. In this case, sales reps of the company where you place an order will help you. They tell about the characteristics of each model and recommend the best solution for your home.



Glass models can be a good choice in certain situations, but it's important to carefully consider pros and cons before making a decision. If you are considering using them, talk to a professional to get advice on the appropriate options for your space and needs. Also decide on the budget, as prices on some models can be high.

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