Are Barn Doors Still Popular in 2023?

Are Barn Doors Still Popular in 2023?

The barn door is a frequently overlooked aspect of home architecture that many customers are too afraid to use. This is a stunning design that gives your interior depth and character. People worry about how to incorporate that style into their house since it has an unusual effect. 

Nonetheless, many designers and customers choose this configuration. Continue reading to learn more about why barns are still in style for 2023.

What Are Barn Doors?

It is a type of sliders that glides alongside the wall on a special track. It reflects the rustic look of old cottages and farms people used to live in back then. Barns only have an upper track. Thanks to several rollers, the slab weight is evenly distributed along it. This helps to avoid its skewing and jamming.

A barn door is the best choice if you want a more rough, rustic appearance because of its stylized metal hardware. Although fittings look bulky externally, installing them is simpler than pockets because all that is needed is installing an upper track on one side of the wall. 

Popular Barn Doors

Pros Of Barn Doors

Residential sliding doors were previously only used in closets and small rooms. That’s no longer the case because barns are trending right now. They nearly always take the place of the conventional swing configuration in the home. But why are they so well-liked today? This configuration has many technical advantages.

  • Helps Save A Lot Of Space

A traditional swinging configuration needs space to open. When in confined locations, they may obstruct paths or harm walls. You typically need roughly 9 square feet of floor area to open a swinging one. Depending on the surrounding area, it may be challenging to maneuver around it after opening, even in locations where it is possible. A few inches of floor is all needed for a slab to glide along the wall.

Barns take up significantly less floor area because of sitting flat against the wall. They are a nice alternative for smaller houses or apartments because of their ability to save space. This configuration works well in closets, doorways you wish to hide without taking up floor space, and constrained hallways.

  • Highly Functional

Barns provide excellent canvases for additional home items because of their design. Homeowners can mount organizers, jewelry displays, or full-length mirrors to the slab. Having a full-body mirror at the door to your wardrobe is attractive and practical for people who perform their daily skincare routine while getting ready for the day. You can easily make your rooms more useful without taking up extra space by giving them more versatility.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Modern manufacturers use only approved materials in production that do not emit harmful substances. They do not pose a threat to people and pets. If necessary, sales reps of the company where you place an order are required to show you quality certificates.

  • Easy To Install

There is no need for the wall to be rebuilt to add a sliding door. It may be hung up relatively easily, especially if you have the tool and experience. Selling companies provide ready-made kits for installation. Simply mount a track to the wall, then hang the slab. We recently write an article about barn doors as interior doors: 

If you are not sure that you can hang the structure yourself, entrust it to professionals. This process will only take them a few hours.

  • Highly Durable

Hardware used for this configuration is strong and durable. It is designed for daily active loads and will last for decades with proper care. To prevent your slab from falling off its track, manufacturers provide special plugs.

  • Easy to maintain

Because all of the hardware, including the track, is accessible and outside the wall, it is simpler to maintain than a pocket configuration. The most crucial component to maintain is the track, which has to be lubricated frequently to stop squeaking and lessen the possibility of the rollers locking up. Additionally, you’ll need to regularly vacuum the tracks and wipe them down with a moist cloth to maintain them free of dirt and debris.

Barn Doors

Cons Of Barn Doors

This configuration, like others, has several disadvantages. 

  • They aren’t great at soundproofing. A door that merely conceals the doorway’s outline won’t offer the same level of soundproofing as a traditional swinging. This problem can be partially solved by a good slab with a quality core. Choose solid core models. They will help to provide the desired level of sound insulation and will last for many years.
  • Another issue is the noise when a slab moves along its guide. However, with a high-quality mechanism, good lubrication and silicone gaskets, there will be no unpleasant creaking, and the sound will be almost inaudible.
  • In order for the construction to be serviceable, it is necessary to regularly clean its elements. Otherwise, the slab will jam, which will lead to breakage. Wipe the track and rollers several times a month.
  • Since the slab moves along the wall, you will not be able to put furniture or anything else in this area.
  • The cost of this configuration is higher than the swinging. Its high price is explained by the design features and installation complexity.

Most problems can be avoided by ordering a door from a responsible company. Experienced sales reps will select a quality option that meets your requirements. Qualified installers will hang the slabs according to all the rules so that it does not cause you trouble in everyday life.

Barn Doors in 2023

Why Are Barn Doors Popular?

This configuration has long ceased to be a symbol of farms and rustic cottages. Designers have adapted it for urban conditions and successfully use it even in the most expensive interiors. What are its stylistic advantages?

  • Trendy And Modern

Barns are becoming increasingly popular since they are a fancy and useful trend. Many fashion interior design magazines publish projects with such a door. Most designers actively use this configuration in their work, as it gives room for creativity.

They won’t go out of style in a few years. Barns can be incorporated into your home’s design and last for many years, even after the initial buzz has subsided.

  • Many Slab Designs

Sellers offer dozens of beautiful collections in classic and modern styles. This allows each homeowner to choose a model that suits their interior.

In traditional houses, panel doors or chic French ones are often ordered: . In contemporary, customers often buy collections with small glass inserts.

Such a variety allows you to create unique eclectic constructions combining several stylistic trends.

  • Adds To The Aesthetics Of Your Room

Barn doors’ attractiveness cannot be disregarded. They are the hottest trends these days. Although they are frequently linked to the “shabby chic” look, they also go nicely with many other concepts, especially loft. Such a design accommodates a wide range of decor tastes and has a distinctive aesthetic appeal. 

This model can drastically alter a room’s vibe. It is a powerful design component that gives your area a rustic, enduring feel. It is also an excellent way to add character and charm to any house.

To use a barn door as a standout piece, you do not have to adopt a modern-country style. This configuration is lovely regardless of its surroundings. It serves as both an interior decoration and a room divider.

  • Can Serve as an Accent Element in the Interior

Barn doors can be used as a focal point or an intriguing entry if you choose a contrasting shade for it. This will allow you to highlight the slab against the background of the wall and furniture, making it an incredible decorative element.

Popular Barn Doors in 2023


Sliding barns will still be popular in 2023, but it all depends on how you utilize them. With the right approach, this model will become the highlight of your house attracting everyone’s attention. 

On the Internet you will find many barn door ideas where it is successfully inscribed in different interior styles. Find your option and feel free to order a similar design.

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